Where Innovation Meets Inspiration – Christine Atuhairwe’s Story

In celebration of International Women’s Day and aligning with the theme “Investing in Women: Accelerate Progress,” let’s spotlight Christine Atuhairwe’s extraordinary journey. Christine, a seasoned IT and communication specialist, embarked on a courageous transition from a lengthy government career to pursue her passion for nurturing children. In the heart of Kampala, Uganda, she laid the […]

From Adversity to Achievement

Violet Kalomba’s Journey With TBN Africa Tetranet Services Limited, a Kenyan company juggling telecommunications, ICT, construction, and renewable energy, was feeling the squeeze in 2021, on the heels of the pandemic that had wiped out 70 percent of the country‚Äôs small businesses. Internal struggles with cashflow and teamwork, a shrinking market, and with rising costs […]