TBN Africa


Through our accelerator program and diligent selection process, we develop an investible pipeline and provide impact investors an opportunity to connect with our high potential, investment-ready businesses and collaborate to maximise impact.

We leverage our global network of investors to mobilize investments. Together with our partners, we have successfully mobilized impact investment for the businesses in excess of USD 15.2 Million.

In turn, these businesses have recorded a compounded annual revenue growth rate of over 10 percent and created an over 1558 new jobs.

Our Investor network consists of...

Angel Investors & Venture Capital

Banks & Microfinance Lenders

Accredited Non-Bank Institutions

Alternative Lending

Let's Connect

Are you seeking to provide expansion capital to build more successful African businesses with an aim of creating jobs while gaining both impactful and financial returns? Reach out to us to join our investor network.
Together we can make a difference by supporting purpose-driven entrepreneurs in Africa.

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