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The SME Business Growth Lab

SME GROWTH LAB:The Scale for Success Approach

Are you looking to build a profitable business and develop an attractive investment pitch for your business?

Our SME SCALE UP GROWTH LAB is an intense 6-month Accelerator and mindset-shifting experience, with personalised support from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, content experts and powerful business tools.

This program is designed to help you grow and scale your business, be investment ready while building resilience for the future.

This program was adapted to help you conduct and analyze your business’ health status, understand your unique value proposition, create effective systems and processes, identifying your challenges to growth and use this to ultimately develop a bulletproof business strategy to ensure continuity and growth.

Below is a breakdown of the summary content of what you will get to cover as the SME SCALE UP GROWTH LAB participant:

  • Personality profile
  • Motivations
  • Business Identity, values and culture interpretations of health check report
  • Desirability- Do Customer's want it?
  • Feasibility- Can we deliver it?
  • Viability- What is it worth?
  • Product/Service Delivery - How Does the New Process Look Like
  • Controls Put in Place to Ensure that the Delivery Happens

  • Governance & Organizational Structure
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Legal and Taxation
  • Service Excellence
  • Personal Vs Business Finances & Unit Economics
  • Working Capital Management
  • Introduction and Analysis of Financial Statements
  • The investment process & packaging
  • Financial Forecasting & Valuation
  • Investment Ask, Term sheets & Due Diligence
  • Risk Management
  • Values & Cascading Strategy
  • Focused Group Discussion

Program Benefits

Expert Coaching

Receive business growth coaching from experienced business coaches and consultants.

Growth Strategy

Learn how to scale your business through our customised training sessions and access to investment.

Financial Skills

Master working capital management, financial statements and packaging your business for investment.

Purpose-Driven Community

Learn how to scale your business through our customised training sessions and access to investment.

What Happens After the Program?

During a period of 3-6-12 months after the end of this SME Accelerator, we provide one-on-one coaching sessions to monitor impact, identify any further support and we will keep matching you with our investor network for access to finance. It is also important that we measure the impact of our SME SCALE UP GROWTH LAB to keep learning and improving it. And it doesn’t end there! Over the last three years, we have fostered a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in Africa, providing you with an opportunity to benefit from peer-peer learning and form fruitful partnerships within the network.
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