In celebration of International Women’s Day and aligning with the theme “Investing in Women: Accelerate Progress,” let’s spotlight Christine Atuhairwe’s extraordinary journey. Christine, a seasoned IT and communication specialist, embarked on a courageous transition from a lengthy government career to pursue her passion for nurturing children. In the heart of Kampala, Uganda, she laid the foundation for Quality International School, originally conceived as Quality Nursery and Daycare Center. Over time, her vision transformed into a comprehensive educational institution catering to students from kindergarten to A-Level.

Guided initially by her Christian values, Christine’s journey expanded to embrace inclusivity beyond religious boundaries. Quality International School has since become a beacon of hope in the community, fostering an environment where every child receives unwavering support and encouragement to thrive. As we honor the achievements of women globally, let’s acknowledge Christine’s impactful contributions and the ripple effect of her endeavors.

Through her unwavering determination and with the invaluable support of TBN, Christine has propelled her school to remarkable heights. Her commitment to growth has seen a significant increase in full-time employees and a substantial surge in revenues. This transformation is a testament to her resilience, dedication, and the collaborative efforts of her support network.

Quality International School stands as a testament to Christine’s relentless pursuit of excellence. By offering cutting-edge digital learning platforms, ensuring competitive pricing, and providing specialized services tailored to diverse student needs, the school has cemented its position as a cornerstone of education in Kampala and beyond. Through the integration of standards from both the UNEB and Cambridge education systems, Christine has not only enriched the educational landscape but has also left an enduring impact on communities throughout Uganda.

Today, as we celebrate Christine’s achievements and the spirit of inclusion that she embodies, let’s draw inspiration from her remarkable journey and reaffirm our commitment to supporting women as catalysts for progress and change.

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