TBN Africa

Who we are

We support early-stage entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and secure investment. We leverage our networks, skills and resources to achieve this.

As part of the global Transformational Business Network, our mission is to foster human flourishing by growing and scaling impactful businesses. These, in turn, create jobs that improve livelihoods and lift people out of poverty.

Capacity Building

Enable businesses to grow, scale and become investment ready through technical assistance and mentoring.

Capital Raising

Mobilize impact investment.

Community Engagement

Facilitate collaboration among our entrepreneurs that result in new opportunities, access to new markets and knowledge sharing.


We exist to enable entrepreneurs in Africa to achieve their full potential and create jobs.


We help build impactful businesses and unlock investments to catalyse business growth and create jobs in Africa.


We are committed to achieving the Vision and Mission.

We actively seek and implement quick feedback for learning and improvement in both what we do and how we do it.

We go together:
We value Collaboration, Openness, Teamwork, Humility and Inclusivity.

We don’t solve the same problem twice:
We proactively communicate problems and build structures to address them in a consistent,systematic way.

We value integrity:
We always strive to do Right.