• Are you a woman led business from Kenya or Uganda – looking to grow/scale a profitable business?
  • Do you have a learning mindset, are you open to learning new and eye opening concepts while you make lifelong connections with fellow women peers in business?
  • Are you willing to join a highly selective leadership and business management capacity building program?

We are Looking for you! We have empowered women led businesses just like you, we want to be part of your success journey.

TBN Africa’s Drive for the Program:

Scaling and Growing Women led Businesses through Capacity Building, Leadership and Capital Raising within a Vibrant Business Community.

The Zahara Women Accelerator Program – specially tailored for women led/owned businesses – a Scale for Success Approach is an intense 6-month program and mindset-shifting experience, with personalised support such as:

  • Leadership and business training skills (both technical and soft) to grow and scale your business and reach your full potential
  • Powerful practical, easy to use business tools to transform and scale your business.
  • Identify health check pointers that make your business more resilient to survive any downturn.
  • Learn the investment options available for your business and be investor ready.
  • Personalized support from experienced content experts, entrepreneurs and investors .
  • One on one business coaching to tackle pain points in your business
  • Create a bullet proof strategy and business plan
  • Engagement with like minded entrepreneurs, and to be part of a robust alumni network as well as peer to peer learning sessions.


Upon completion of the 6 month Zahara Women Accelerator Program, the women led businesses should be able to: 

  • Form connections with a diverse network of East African women entrepreneurs
  • Strengthen strategy, leadership and business management skills
  • Gain skills in finance, marketing, and strategy needed to grow and scale their enterprise
  • Develop soft skills, including self-confidence, resilience, collaboration, and cross-cultural  communications
  • Unlock access to investors and financiers in TBN Africa’s portfolio
  • Become more bankable, investor ready thus able to access various financing options

Below is a breakdown of the summary content of what you will get to cover as a program participant:

  • Customer, problem & solution
  • Unique value proposition, unfair advantage & channels to your customers
  • Revenues & cost structure
  • Product/service delivery- How does the new process look like
  • Controls put in place to ensure that the delivery happens
  • Developing an effective organisational structure to deliver in the new normal
  • Human resource
  • Marketing
  • Sales Service excellence
  • Legal and taxation issues affecting business
  • Working capital management
  • Personal vs Business finance & unit economics
  • Introduction to financial statements
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Tax
  • The investment process and packaging
  • Financial forecasting and valuation
  • Investment ask, term sheets and due dilligence
  • Risk management
  • Pitching of businesses
  • Values & cascading strategy
  • Focused group discussion
  • Share learning and experiences with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive advertising opportunity
  • Embrace peer-peer learning for continuous growth
  • Continuous engagement with the global investor and partners within the network

Program Benefits

Expert Coaching

Receive business growth coaching from experienced business coaches and consultants.

Growth Strategy

Learn how to scale your business through our customised training sessions and access to investment.

Financial Skills

Master working capital management, financial statements and packaging your business for investment.

Purpose-Driven community

Get to be part of an exclusive global community of like-minded individuals.

What Happens After the Program?

During a period of 3-6-12 months after the start of the program, we provide one-on-one coaching sessions to monitor impact, identify any further support and will keep matchmaking you to our investor network where possible and relevant. It is important to us that our alumni find the investment they need. It is also important that we measure the impact of our program and keep learning and improving it.

And it doesn’t end there! Over the last three years, we have fostered a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in Africa providing you an opportunity to benefit from peer-peer learning and form fruitful partnerships within the network.

What Our Entrepreneurs Are Saying...

“The coaching and mentoring I got from TBN especially in business management, financial management, developing business plans and pitch deck helped me in starting an entirely new business.
For anyone looking to join TBN’s  accelerator program, be ready to be an independent entrepreneur.
TBN’s coaching sessions prepares you to manage, sustain and transform your business into a profitable venture.”

Nicholas Mulondo

Nicholas Mulondo

Founder - Jonik Contractors Uganda Limited

At Proact, we will be grateful to TBN for ever. This journey connected me to a family that is so supportive, this has given me confidence in entrepreneurship. I got clarity of what this business is really about and more so, skills in financial management. This has helped us to sail through the tough economic terrain of Covid 19. For those joining the program, this is the oxygen you need for your business. God bless TBN.

Phyllis Nderi

Phyllis Nderi

Founder – Proact Healthcare

“I am no longer the same since I underwent the training by TBN in the year 2020. I have SIGNIFICANTLY improved my leadership and Managerial SKILLS and ATTITUDES.
As a business, we have developed a clear Vision and Mission, formation and implementation of strategies and strategic plan. Additionally, we have learned to leverage on TBN’s scenario tools to aid us in decision making, cost management and more so, we have improved our sales skills (making frequent and sizeable closes) and learnt how to package our business and pitch to potential investors. “

Zackary M. Kariuki

Zackary M. Kariuki

Chief Executive Director - Hi-Tech Farm Supplies Ltd

“TBN has opened a whole new world for me. I am now more motivated to create more impact to the community that we serve. With [TBN’s] support, we will be able to see a better world. I now have a strong and well-aligned team. We have been able to do research to enable us to make an informed decision on our next move.”

Josephine Suleiman

Josephine Suleiman

Founder - Olivelink Healthcare Clinics

“Since the training and coaching, Friends of Mothers Initiative (FMI) has not remained the same.  Currently, FMI  exports  coffee directly to USA and Europe. Thanks to the training,  Rabobank foundation was able to partner with FMI to solve  working capital problems.  Rabobank has given FMI a  loan facility amounting to $104,000 (one hundred four thousand US dollars)”

Frank Massa

Frank Massa

Founder - Friends of Mothers Initiative (FMI)

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